Lifejacket 100N


Lifejacket 100N, CE ISO 12402-4

 Code     Weight   Chest Size   Buoyancy (Nt) 
19X761        15-30kg          60-70cm         45    
19X762  30-40kg  70-80cm         55
19X766  40-50kg  80-90cm         66 
19X763         50-70kg 90-100cm             88
19X764 70-90kg 110-120cm       105
19X765  > 90kg 120-130cm       115

The 100Newton Lifejacket is specifically designed to turn the unconscious user face up and support the head. It provides an improved fit and maximum safety. A large flotation collar supports the user's head. The lifejacket have a crotch strap for keeping the vest securely  whilst in the water. It include one webbing fastener, whistle, plastic zip and SOLAS retro reflective tape. An end rope with plastic button is fixed at the end of the lifejacket for adjustable wearing. SAMSA approved.