echoMAP 72sv without Transducer

Combo Plotter

Garmin echoMAP™ 72sv w/o XDCR Combo

7-inch Combo with DownVü and SideVü Scanning Sonar

What's in the Box :

*echoMAP 72sv with worldwide basemap
*Power / Data Cable
*Quick-release mount
*Flush Mount
*Protective Cover
*Product Documentation

Features : 

- High-contrast colour display with keypad control with preloaded worldwide basemap 
- Built-in 500 W (RMS) HD-ID™ sonar (4,000 W peak-to-peak) 
- 5 Hz Internal GPS updates position and heading 5 times per second 
- Tilting, quick-disconnect mount 

echoMAP 72sv includes a 7-inch high-contrast colour display with automatic backlight adjustment. Fast, responsive 5 Hz GPS/GLONASS refreshes your position and heading 5 times each second to make your movement on the screen more fluid. 

With the optional 
BlueChart g2 Vision SD card, you can add a whole new dimension of exceptional features to your chartplotter.

When you’re off the water, it’s easy to keep your echoMAP safe and secure. You don’t have to mess with plugging and unplugging wires from the unit because the cords plug directly into the mount. This allows you to quickly install and remove your echoMAP from power and the mount.