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Elite 3X DSI

Elite 3X Series - Fishfinder

Lowrance Elite 3X DSI Fishfinder

Display : 3.5 inch / 89mm
Resolutions : 240 X 360 pixels
Operating Features : 400 or 800 kHz

The Elite 3X DSI allows for DownScan imaging, which provides detailed picture like images of the bottom and structures directly below the boat


3.5-inch colour-screen unit featuring DownScan Imaging™, for photo-like underwater detail and water-temperature sensor

The DSI unit includes a dual-frequency 455 or 800 kHz transducer that allows for DownScan Imaging™ 

PLEASE NOTE : although DIS does pick up fish targets, it displays them in a different way to regular sonar units. Fish are displayed as white dots, not arches. The DSI is essentially made to scan for structure and is ideal for fresh-water fishing