Alvey 825BCV

Boat Fishing Reel

Alvey 825BC - V Series Boat Reel

A modern, fully vented injection moulded reel with a graphite back, strong metal foot and a fibreglass spool.  

The 825BCV has a handle plate with two lenght and two sizes of handles. The longer side, fitted with a large comfortable knob handle, allows great power to control or turn a fish. The shorter handle plate with a smaller handle allows wrist action instead of full arm movement when appropriate.

A large easy to use lever on the back plate allows you to engage or disengage the clutch system and the large tri-star knob on the spool allows you to vary your clutch tension.

A fish alert switch on the back side of the reel can be engaged when leaving the rod and reel unattended to warn you of a fish taking line.

Ideal for bottom fishing or trolling.

825BCVback  825BCVfront 480x537

Product Code                 69X19 
Model No.  825BCV 
Spool Diameter  205mm (8") 
Line Capacity  600m / 23kg 
Weight 1470g
Rod Sizes 2 - 2.5m